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The Next Taste on Tour Show

Featured Every Monday Night

"The Next Taste on Tour Show""Happy Hour Lifestyle Show" changed to "The Next Taste Show" with Uncle Randy and Miss Kira.

"The Next Taste on Tour Show" Monday Nights features Miss Kira, Uncle Randy and Tim Bona with regular contributors Master Chef Dave Trevelino,  Mike Calbot-"The Golf Doctor",  Art Stricklin-"The Art of Golf Travel", Author and Credentialed Sports Writer, Dina Garcia, owner of Vida Nutrition in Miami, Florida, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Robert Mills, world traveler/story teller/historian, AJ McAdam, Founder of G: RAM Method/Tour Coach and Rob in the Rearview traveling around the country getting the stories out.

"The Next Taste on Tour Show" featuring Podcast, Facebook Live Videos with Restaurants, Stores and everything in-between  through the United States.


The Next Taste on Tour Show

Hosts by Miss Kira, Uncle Randy and Rob in the Rearview. Featuring National Contributors and guests from around the United States and the world.

Ole Uncle Randy
Dina Garcia, RDN
Robert Millis
Art Stricklin
The Next Taste on Tour
The Distillery Channel Media, LLC
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