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About The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC

"Every Cup Served with a Grandfathers Love"

About The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC


The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC

Infused Coffees

A Non-Alcohol Final Product

Ten Years of Research

Powerful National Media  

Proprietary Coffee Roaster

Minister of the Roast

​Developing a proprietary method of bean selection, testing, and roasting now provides The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC, a process of blending the finest bourbons, rum, moonshine, distilled products and wine products an infused coffee delicately embracing selected coffee beans where the end result is amazing cup of coffee.

Coffee Infusions with bourbons, wines, brewery products and liquors have taken our Minister of the  Roast,  on many epic ventures, tours and conversations with leading Master Roasters.  

Each product of Small Craft Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries needs investigation and testing of multiple factors: 

  • Roasting and Cooling

  • Bean Selection

  • Product Induction Time

  • Phasing Implementation

  • Post Roasting 

  • Bagging Sequence

The Distillery Channel Media, LLC, our sister company, provides a National Platform sharing ideas, stories which enlists our customers to give us feedback and their stories on our shows "Happy Hour Lifestyles Show" changing its name to "The Next Taste Show featuring: Sports, Travel, Dining & Entertainment."

We celebrate National Relationships with over forty eight state leaders and hundreds of Small Craft Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries represented on our growing  powerful platform of distinguished coffees empowered and infused with some of the world's best selected bourbon, rum and wine; then enhanced by our Minster of the Roast's long term relationships developed through  years of research and exploration of roasting specialty blends. 

Gift Packaging and Holiday Celebrations are only the beginning of where our coffee can be enjoyed, as it should be enjoyed every day at home, on the way to work, or as we all know alone or with the ones we love.


Embraced in history for thousands of years, coffee now evolves one more time ...Enjoy.

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