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"The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC"

Produced By

"Foy Estate Coffee, LLC".

"Every Cup Served with A Grandfathers


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The Foy Estate Coffee Heritage

Nevin Foy & Genevieve Foy

Foy Estate Coffee is an outgrowth of a loving couple with humble beginnings and deep love for their family. While learning rich European, German and French heritage from their parents, they delivered one thing to all members of their large family, come to the lake and celebrate life as often as you can, visit the cottage along the shore line of Lake Kegonsa in Central Wisconsin. 

Genevieve (Benoy) Foy was one of eight children, daughter of Gen (Wannemaker) Benoy, who traveled to SouthWest Wisconsin in 1888 in a covered wagon with her parents and grandparents. Great Gram Wannemaker's grandparents lived during the War of 1812 and decided as many German's living in Pennsylvania at the time did, to migrate to Wisconsin.

Nevin Foy was raised as a Naturalist by his very German-Austrian-French heritage, called for by his German speaking father and grandparents. 

Both Genevieve and Nevin knew how to live off the land in a very naturalistic manner and truly lived farm to table dining, before it became a thing as today. 

Genevieve would wander the forests and surrounding land for fresh strawberries, grapes, asparagus, endive (dandelion), mushroom, fresh eggs from neighbors and fresh bread made most days. 

Nevin was the ultimate Naturalist, with fishing, hunting pheasant, rabbit, frogs, or turtles as the Friday night adventure for himself and grandson. Nevin was very concerned in teaching his grandson weather, history of Native Americans in his area, and traveled throughout the midwest in multiple business ventures. 

Due to their love of family, cooking on the weekends was foremost thought, as it was never known how many extended relatives were going to show up on the lake side estate. But there was always room for who did venture to the lake. 

His grandson was with Pop Pop most weekends at the Foy Lakeside Estate. Beginning at age six, with the winter leaving, and spring chores needed to be completed, his grandson learned the ritual of drinking coffee cooked in a simple pot on a small kerosene stove or over an outside fire. Simply to keep warm or soak the hard shelled black bread in the coffee, his grandson learned that coffee is a staple and began enjoying black straight coffee while following his Pop Pop's every step on the Foy Estate.

The love for food, family, life celebrations seemed to be celebrated with coffee being the center of the celebration. As the family grew and aged, grandkids became adults, and seemingly the love of great coffee grew exponentially. The Naturalistic teachings of the simplicity of making the best meals served and enjoyed around a great cup of coffee became as it is today, a fervent study of the extended family now reaching out for all to enjoy. 

Through ten years of research the family is now producing some of the World's Best Artisan Coffee. 

This research led to the deep study of infusing multiple equatorial coffees with bourbons, rums, wines, moonshine, liquors and brewed products. The result is an incredible attribution for what Gram Foy and Pop Pop started back in 1956 teaching their eldest grandson the basics in living a quality life. 

The Foy Estate Coffee is celebrated with this richness in life with every cup, and hope you can enjoy the love that is put into every cup by the Foy Family.

A Tradition of over 120 years continues brought to the Foy Estate by their parents in the 1800s.

Enjoy Every Cup,​

The Foy Fifth Generation 

Foy Estate Coffee

Infused Coffees with Bourbon- Distilled Products- Moonshine- Rum- Wine

A non-alcoholic final product.

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