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The Four Wave Craft Coffee

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Bourbon-Rum-  Wine- Congnac- Brandy Coffees

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The Distillery Channel Coffee, LLC producers of Foy Estate Coffee

Speciality Craft Coffee Infused with Wine, Rum,

Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac and more.

Non-Alcoholic Final Product.


Meet the Team


Uncle Randy

President, Host of Shows


Miss Kira

Vice President, Host on Shows

Tim Bona Pic.jpeg

Tim Bona

On-Air Host/Credential Travel Writer

Chef David photo-1.jpg

Master Chef Dave Trevelino

Master Chef of TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, PGA Tour and Weekly Contributor on Our Podcasts.


Mike Calbot- "Golf Doctor"

Professional Golf Swing Analyst, Master Golf Instructor, a World Renowned Professional Golf Trick Shot Artist and Weekly Contributor on Our Podcasts.


Dina Garcia

Owner of Vida Nutrition, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Mindful Eating Coach and Weekly Contributor on Our Podcasts.


Art Stricklin

Owner of "The Art of Golf Travel", Credentialed Travel Writer, Author and Weekly Contributor on Our Podcasts.


Rob in the Rearview

Executive Vice President, Marketing Director, and Host.


AJ McAdam

Founder of G:Ram Method, Tour Coach, and Weekly Contributor on Our Podcasts.


Robert Mills

International Traveler, Story Teller, Historian and Weekly Contributor on our Podcasts.


MultiMedia Productions

"The Next Taste on Tour Show" hosted by Miss Kira, Ole Uncle Randy and Rob in the Rearview.

"Craft Beverage & Culinary Tour Lovers Show"

Crazy Chef Dave Trevelino- Friday Special

Miss Kira

Dina Garcia-Vida Nutrition

Mike Calbot- The Golf Doctor

Art Stricklin-"The Art of Golf Travel"

Foy Estate Coffee

The Distillery Channel Journal


Banana Notes

Coffee & Tidbits

Bucket List Trips


with Foundations & Organizations

"The Distillery Channel" started fundraising with Master Chef David Trevelino with our "Foy Estate Coffee". Master Chef David Trevelino feeds the nuclear submariners during the Holiday season. 2020 will be Master Chef David Trevelino's seventh year, he will return back to Hawaii or Guam.

with Art Stricklin of "The Art of Golf Travel"

The Distillery Channel is working with nationally renown author, Art Stricklin, President of Texas Golf Writers Association and one of the world's foremost leaders in designing and executing trips around the world to some of the foremost iconic destinations.

Featured Bi-Weekly Tuesday Morning

Coffee & Tidbits featured bi-weekly Tuesday Morning with Miss Kira and Uncle Randy.

Featured Every Friday Morning

Banana Notes featuring Miss Kira and Uncle Randy writing our very own notes with our Banana Phones.


Rob in the Rearview featuring his grilling and bbqing skills teaching Miss Kira and Uncle Randy along the way.

Electronic Magazine found on the ISSUU Platform.

"The Distillery Channel Journal" monthly electronic magazine with interactive links and videos. Featuring Nationally renowned photography, golf, travel, history, music and everything in between.

"Every Cup Served with A Grandfathers Love."

Foy Estate Coffee infusing the worlds best coffees with bourbon, wine, rum, moonshine and distilled products from around the United States.

National Contributor on our weekly show, "The Next Taste on Tour Show" and Credentialed Writer in "The Distillery Channel Journal" e-magazine found on ISSUU.

Art Stricklin! When you do, you gain decades of golf travel knowledge & history from the best golf travel concierge in the business.

National Contributor on our weekly show "The Next Taste on Tour Show".

Mike calls Bonita Springs, Florida home.

Mike Calbot, "The Golf Doctor" has provided over 85,000 lessons, personally trained over 26 men and women who became class “A” members of the PGA and LPGA, was featured weekly on CBS for 35 years providing golf instruction and great golf tips and is currently on Golf radio.

National Contributor on our weekly show "The Next Taste on Tour Show" and her own show called "The Dina Garcia Show".

Dina Garcia owner of "Vida Nutrition & Conscious Living" out of Miami, Florida.

Host of "The Next Taste on Tour Show", "Craft Beverage & Culinary Tour Lovers" along with Travels around the world following PGA Tour, Korn Ferry, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour.

Miss Kira into traveling through the States and Internationally finding the best places for cocktails, restaurants, destinations, golf and everything in between.

Featured on "The Next Taste on Tour Show" every Monday Evening and "Crazy Chef Dave Trevelino- Friday Special" Friday Morning from TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms.

"Crazy Chef Dave Trevelino- Friday Special" with Miss Kira and Uncle Randy watching Master Chef Dave Trevelino and Kassie cook in his kitchen at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms in Potomac, Maryland.

Featured with Miss Kira, Ole Uncle Randy and Rob in the Rearview.

"Craft Beverage & Culinary Tour Lovers Show" featuring your favorite Craft Brewery, Distillery, Wineries, Restaurants, Destinations, Coffee Shops, Golf and everything.

We can do these productions in person and even Zoom.

Featured Every Monday Evening

"The Next Taste on Tour Show" hosted by Miss Kira, Ole Uncle Randy and Rob in the Rearview. Weekly contributors include Tim Bona, Art Stricklin, Mike Calbot, Dave Trevelino, Dina Garcia, Robert Mills and AJ McAdam.


The Next Taste with Rob and Randy

Coffee Roasting

Look here for our latest productions of "The Next Taste" featuring the Nation's leading breweries, wineries, distilleries and travel destinations.


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