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Great LineUp of MultiMedia Productions Now
Expanding Our

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"The Next Taste on Tour Show" 
Featuring Distilleries, Breweries, Wineries of the World

The Distillery Channel Media, LLC is excited to become one of the Nation's leading voices for enjoying life.

 "Happy Hour Life Style Show"

"Happy Hour Life Style Show" featuring your favorite Craft Brewery, Distillery, Wineries, Restaurants, Travel Destinations, Coffee Shops, Golf, Entertainment, Festivals, Concerts and all the best of life has to offer.

Now featured on Roku on our Excited Minds Network by The Distillery Channel

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Dina Garcia-Vida Nutrition

Dina Garcia owner of "Vida Nutrition & Conscious Living" out of Miami, Florida; a Registered Dietician Nutritionist helps us with such things as "Is Binge Eating a Real Thing?"

Where To Series

"Where To Series..."  Featuring Where to Dine, Travel, Spa, Sport, Buy and Enjoy All the Good Things in Life.

johnboys bbq.jpg

"Shine and Dine Show"
Coming Soon.

We join John and his Johnboys BBQ Travels featuring ....we will find out if it's legal or not...but we bet it tastes good, is fun and you will enjoy the host.

Live Eco Style
Bucket List Trips

"Live Eco Style Adventures" adds some edge while enjoying what the world gives in fulfilling an exploratory life, working with nationally renown authors and contributors on featuring incredible destinations nationally and internationally.

Excited Minds Media Racing Network



Stories from the world of racing by independent content creators, track owners, pit crews, drivers and overall racing enthusiasts. 

Our team has been captivated by the adrenaline-fueled world of motor car racing, and we believe that the stories and experiences of drivers, the thrill of races, and the behind-the-scenes action deserve a platform that resonates with enthusiasts and fans alike. 

"Golfers Golf and Travel"

"Golfers Golf! Then they Sip! 
Who Knew?"

Featuring the Best of the Best
of the iconic 

"19th Hole"

Humorous and Intrinsic Look at Golf's History, Professional Ranks to the New Beginner's inner most desires to play golf, travel and learn why golf is the world's most compelling game.

Featuring Dreams and Desires of the novice to savvy golf traveler. "Where To Play the Best of the Best or the Least Expensive"; "Where to Get Lessons from Beginners to Professionals", and more over "Where to Understand the Greatest Game in the World fit for all Ages".

The Distillery Channel Media, LLC

"The Distillery Channel Media, LLC"

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