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Fresh Wine Craft Coffee - 8oz.

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 "Fresh Wine Coffee" is one of the finest artisanal coffees, delicately infused with an advocated wine selected by The Distillery Channel Team.   While all of the alchohol is removed during roasting, the underlying specialty coffee supporting in notes of Chocolate, ButterScoth and other hidden tastes, provides this world class rum infuseds coffees, its place among our meticulous coffee roasts. From the special design of a proprietary roaster to the years of research to complete the process of unlocking the delicate flavors in combination with one of the World's Best Coffees.    


    Guatemalm Coffee has the power to hold and enhance the rich folds of the world's deep burgundy grapes production secrets held in the wines we infused at roasting. A complex roasting schedule supports this proprietary blend.

    A Guatemalen Coffee coming from a farm speicializing in packaging immediately to preserve the aroma and notes of this delicate bean. A light roasted classic natural processed coffee from a country that has traditionally specialized in raising coffee.   This is a 100% wine infused coffee for those who want to savor the notes of great wine and the world's finest coffee.

    Hand selected this coffee produces a sweet with tart acidity and a creamy mouthfeel on its own; this specialty coffee produces notes of cherry flavor with lemon, almond and chocolate. By adding the infusion of a great wine and a specified roasting schedule, this infused coffee becomes a favorite of an afternoon break or serving friends joining an elegant dinner. 

    It's a celebration with every sip. 


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