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Stocking Stuffer Craft Coffee - 4oz. 12 Bags of Assorted Whole Beans

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"Stocking Stuffers"  Let your shopping for those passionate coffee drinkers be complete with an assortment of Foy Estate Coffees.

What Inside the "Stocking Stuffer Package" 

3-Smooth Bourbon 4oz

3-Rum Runner 4oz.

3-Fresh Wine   4oz.

3-Chef Dave Dessert Coffee

A total of 12 Great Coffees selected from our Foy Estate Master Select Series. 


Foy Estate Craft Coffee is the end product of 150 years of family love and passion our coffee and dining world. Honoring our rich family traditions in coffee and food, with a history documented back to the early 1800s. (Info on our Website)

While Grampa and Gramma Foy served their grandchildren at a very young age at the Wisconsin Cottage during the coldest months to keep warm, we felt we should save the very best of our roastings in this coffee which honors this rich heritage.

We have selected this blend of World Class 85+ rated Columbian Coffee, Brazilian and Kenyon Coffee for roasting in a special blend for our Foy Estate Craft Coffee.


To savor the best of the Fourth Wave Coffees, we have spared no expense in bringing this delight to your table. We hope you enjoy our "Best of the Best".


    A Guatemalen Coffee coming from a farm speicializing in packaging immediately to preserve the aroma and notes of this delicate bean. A light roasted classic natural processed coffee from a country that has traditionally specialized in.   This is a 100% Guatemalan Coffee for those who want sweetness with no bitterness. 

    Hand selected this coffee produces a sweet with tart acidity and a creamy mouthfeel; coffee cherry flavor with lemon, almond and chocolate. By adding a specified roasting schedule, this infused coffee becomes a hit for your personal or party coffee selections.  

    We create #Spectacular Happen with every sip of Foy Estate Craft Coffee. It's a celebration with every sip. 


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