Chef Dave's Smooth Bourbon -8oz

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Master Chef Dave Trevelino "Smooth Bourbon Coffee" is one of the finest coffees, delicately infused with an advocated bourbon selected by The Distillery Channel Team.   While all of the alchohol is removed during roasting, the underlying specialty coffee supporting in notes of Chocolate, ButterScoth and other hidden tastes, makes this one of the World's Best Cups of Coffee. 


Foy Estate Coffee contributes a $6.00 portion of the sale of this coffee to Chef Dave's Mission to cook for the USS Navy Submariners during the upcoming Christmas Season. This is Chef Dave's sixth year and he and his wife, Linda will travel to Guam to cook on board a nuclear submarine in their galley; and the Master Chef never leaves them hungry.  


    A hand selected Brazilian Coffee coming from a farm speicializing in packaging immediately to preserve the aroma and notes of this delicate bean. A light roasted classic, naturally processed coffee from a country that has traditionally specialized in raising some of the world's best coffee.   This is a 100% Bourbon Infused Coffee for those who want sweetness with no bitterness. 

    Hand selected this coffee produces a sweet with tart acidity and a creamy mouthfeel; coffee cherry flavor with lemon, almond and chocolate. By adding the infusion of a great bourbon and a specified roasting schedule administered by our roasters, this infused coffee becomes a hit for your personal or party coffee selections.  

    It's a celebration with every sip. 


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