Miss Kira Steps

Vice President of The Distillery Channel Media 

On-Air Talent on Multiple Shows including Monday Evening "The Next Taste on Tour Showand "Craft Beverage & Culinary Tour Lovers".

Editor of electronic magazine on ISSUU Platform "The Distillery Channel Journal"

"Everybody Loves Miss Kira!"

Dateline: September 1, 2019

PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. Manufacturers, marketing teams and friends of golf embraced the momentum that "Miss Kira" -Kira Peterson, has initiated since her introduction into golf in Early 2018. 

Miss Kira has quickly become a leading Fresh Face of leadership, asking women and men to join her in learning and experiencing golf, professional growth, while living a full life; and now creating her own "Giving Back" initiative with the support of The Distillery Channel Media and Foy Estate Coffee.

Miss Kira has developed a sense of mission in regard to helping Master Chef Dave Trevelino raise money for his trips during the Christmas Holiday Season to feed the Nuclear Submariners of our US Navy. She takes this mission to heart since it strikes home that her grandfather served in the US Navy during World War II.

In addition to her mission, Miss Kira is also a vital part of our weekly show "The Next Taste on Tour Show" and "Craft Beverage and Culinary Tour Lovers" which is available to millions across the planet.  Her spritely sense of energy and laugh is infectious teaming up with Tim Bona and Ole Uncle Randy.

Miss Kira is also Editor in Chief of our electronic magazine, "The Distillery Channel Journal", which features writers from around the world, great pics, fun recipe's, travel tips, humor and so much more.

Life is fun for MIss Kira. Check back for more updates.