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NFL Super Bowl 2020 "Take It To the House Kid" to "Run Bunchie Run" Campaign.

Mariah Carey, Alwaz Carey and Chase Young (2020 NFL Draft Pick #2) would be enough talent for one family. Bunchie Young’s athletic prowess and mega media appearances have captivated the world. His family, faith, drive and gentle inner spirit frames his ultimate megnetism. National television appearances, YouTube videos and social media exposure with over 500 million views, 

Fun in the Sun- Run Bunchie Run”, creates opportunity and fun for all kids.  

His new mission: Leading youth to the welcoming world of golf, travel, helping today’s golf world through their foundations and “Growing the Game.

A natural fit for Bunchie leading youth to the world of golf.  Bunchie and his family feel a growing responsibility to be a leader of youth. The “Luv Cottage, LLC” wants to help support Bunchie in this mission developing the right sponsors and team to “Growing the Game”.

Bunchie’s world class track, football prowess is unquestioned, securing over 100 track and field medals. His ability to play golf might be suspect, but who at the age of thirteen is destined to be the next “Tiger Woods”?  Possibly Bunchie is not, but he is already the media mega star of leadership, great smile and full of compelling magnetism.

Today, we are reaching out to begin finding the right fit for sponsors and partnerships to advance this venture. The “Luv Cottage, LLC” is expanding Bunchie’s role as a true leader and motivator of youth introducing them to golf courses worldwide. What better and safer place for PGA & LPGA Professionals, golf courses, leading corporations around the world partnering expanding the game with Bunchie Young.

Bunchie, his family and the “Luv Cottage, LLC”, are compelled to ensure the right partners become part of our team and sponsorship opportunities. The “Luv Cottage, LLC” and “The Distillery Channel” have over 55 years in the golf, travel, music and world class marketing experience. It is the biggest story for potential golf advancement in years. The time is now for creating hope and opportunity for your company to help “Grow the Game”. Bunchie Young’s spirit, talent and one great smile are ready to change lives through this “Grow the Game” initiative.

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The “Luv Cottage” is a tribute to love, support of family, a safe, environment, and having hot cocoa at your grandparents house.

We Say, “Run Bunchie Run”.

The “Luv Cottage, LLC”.


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