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Bucket List Trips

Art Stricklin

"The Art of Golf Travel"

The Distillery Channel is working with nationally renown author, Art Stricklin, President of Texas Golf Writers Association and one of the world's foremost leaders in designing and executing trips around the world to some of the foremost iconic destinations. 

2019 Iconic Destinations:

Bandon Dunes, Ryer Cup Preview, US Open at Pebble Beach, Augusta National, Scotland and Gaylord's Golf Mecca!

"Happy Art of Golf Traveling New Year"

   by Art Stricklin

It will be another great golf travel time with family and friends including  trips to two of golf’s most iconic places, the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, April 9-14, 2019 and a Golfers Dream Pilgrimage to Scotland winding up in the Home of Golf, St. Andrews, June 22-30, 2019. Bandon Dunes in July, 24-26 and a Whistling Straits Ryder Cup Preview in August, 19-22 2019.

You can take part in the Texas Open Experience in April & the US Open at Pebble in June.


The Art of Golf Travel Up-Coming Trips


AOG Ryder Cup Preview at Whistling Straits  

August 22, 24, 2019


Escape to Gaylord’s Golf Mecca-Treetops Resort

Dates: September 10-13, 2019


Pinehurst Trip

October 10-12, 2019


The Art of Golf Classic

2nd Annual of The Art of Golf Travel at TPC Four Seasons Resorts at Friday, October 25, 2019 at 1 PM.


Masters Tournament 2020

April 9-12, 2020


Olympics 2020

July 30- August 8, 202 in Tokyo, Japan.


Rovos Rails 2020 Trip

Information Coming Soon


Art Stricklin